des flocculant

  • Partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamideflocculant used in

    The flocculants are optimized according to the types of mining, and our products and services are introduced in the field of beneficiation. 1.Once the coal is extracted, it is classified according to the grain size and then separated from the water according to the difference in the gravity of the coal and impurities in the medium of water.

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  • Dispersion Selective Flocculation Desliming

    the selective flocculatTOn desliming flo173; tation process is a very complex physi173; cochemical system, it is important to evaluate the effects of different metal ions on the dispersion of siliceous gangue minerals. The ionic species selected for this study were chosen for the following reasons Natural and pro173;

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  • Polymer Flocculants Tramfloc, Inc.

    Flocculants. Tramfloc polymers are designed to improve the efficiency of your process water, raw water, wastewater, and potable water treatment systems. Our objective is to design a program which will meet your companys or municipalitys water quality performance goals, regulatory requirements while improving cost performance.

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  • Desliming

    In the mining industry, flocculants are added to the slurry which cause the solids to form larger masses or flocs that settle at an accelerated rate. With respect to dewatering slimes, thickening equipment is often used to concentrate the fine particles for further processing by other dewatering equipment which will then produce the final dewatered product.

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    Desliming by flocculation flotation of the insoluble slimes is a process alternative to mechanical desliming, intended to control the harmful effect of insoluble slimes oh the separation of sylvite from the gangue minerals.

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  • Deflocculants A Detailed Overview digitalfire

    DescriptionandDeflocculantsMost Common DeflocculantsA detailed look and what deflocculation is, what the most common types of deflocculants are (there are many) and how they compare in functionLive Chat
  • A facile disposal of Bayer red mud based on selective

    Optimum dosage of flocculant (Humics II) was studied by flocculation desliming tests. The flocculation conditions were fixed as follows 2% solid density, Na 2 SiO 3 dosage 200 mg L 1 , agitation speed 1000 rpm and slurry pH 10.0.

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  • Flocculation and Clarification of Mineral Suspensions

    ABSTRACT A study of the flocculation and clarification of quartz and goethite suspensions using starch and calcium chloride as flocculants was made by determining the settling rates of the suspensions, the amount of suspended solids in the supernatant liquid, and the concentrations of the residual starch and cal cium ion.

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  • Anionic flocculant of Superfloc A130(HMW)can be replaced

    Superfloc A130 is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolysis degree and medium molecular weight mainly used for mineral processing.and superfloc A130 HMW is a kind of anionic flocculant with medium hydrolys degree and high molecular weight.also mainly used for minng .

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  • Flocculation

    Flocculation, in the field of chemistry, is a process in which colloids come out of suspension in the form of floc or flake, either spontaneously or due to the addition of a clarifying agent. The action differs from precipitation in that, prior to flocculation, colloids are merely suspended in a liquid and not actually dissolved in a solution .

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